Core Foam Roller 12" by Trigger Point

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TriggerPoint™ CORE Foam Rollers offer a solid-core design and durable EVA foam construction to withstand years of repeated use. Unlike standard polypropylene foam rollers that are rock hard when new and can quickly break down and become soft, the CORE is made from EVA foam that has greater resilience after compression.

The CORE consistency provides moderate pressure and delivers a premium massage with minimal discomfort. Its Grid pattern technology makes it the only solid foam roller on the market to channel blood and oxygen while you roll. The multi-density surface is designed to massage tight muscles, knots, and kinks to reduce soreness, improve flexibility, and increase recovery.

The 36-inch TriggerPoint CORE supports the entire spine during yoga, Pilates, and recovery exercises and provides stability to roll large muscle areas. The 18-inch CORE's versatile size can be easily repositioned during exercise to support a variety of massages and routines. The 12-inch offers an ideal travel companion on the road, at the gym, or on business trips.

• Solid-core EVA foam roller is more durable than standard polypropylene rollers that can break down and become soft
• Unique multi-density GRID® pattern provides targeted compression ideal for self-massage, relieving pain and improving
• Provides moderate compression, softer, less intense compression than the GRID® Foam Roller
• 325 pound weight limit
• Backed by 1 year manufacturer's warranty

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